Friday, April 29, 2005

Nabil, Scholarly And Soccer-Loving

Scholarly and Soccer-Loving, the Uber-Cool Nabil of Nabil's Blog represents the best of both
worlds of Iraq's Young Generation, with a love of Education, Soccer, dating Jennifer Aniston, WWE Pro Wrestling, War Games, and Democracy in Iraq.

Iraqi Bloggers Central is proud to present: The In T View: Nabil, Scholarly and Soccer-Loving

MG: How are you doing these days?

Nabil: Fine thank you.

MG: So, what's your favorite food?

Nabil: Fries

MG: If you had the opportunity to go out on a date with any woman in the world, who would it be? Any special reason why?

Nabil: Jennifer Aniston, I like her hair and the way she looks.

MG: How did you become interested in Blogging and how did your blog: Nabil's Blog come about?

Nabil: Well, first my brother made his blog, and after he made fans and been famous, he told me to make my own blog, and I agreed, and the name of Nabil's Blog came out like this because my blog is not about somthing itself, its about everything, my life, sports in Iraq, my comments about the situation in Iraq and so on...

MG: Your brother Zeyad of Healing Iraq fame caused a bit of the stir with his mysterious hiatus from Blogging. Can you comment on this? People are wondering if Zeyad is okay?

Nabil: Zeyad is okay, but I never had discussed this with him, and I don't know why he is not blogging, I mean did he stop?..... (MG Says: Zeyad has resumed blogging after a short hiatus.)

MG: What's the most special thing about your mother?

Nabil: She is very good educated......

MG: What's the Hottest Online Game being played at the Internet Cafes in Iraq right now?

Nabil: Medal of Honour and Counter Strike.

MG: Do you and your friends have a favorite game at the moment?

Nabil: Pc games : Medal of Honour PS2: Winning Eleven 8 (soccer) Real: Soccer

MG: Perhaps you could describe what's it like to be in the last year of high school?
How much pressure do you face? How hard are the exams? Will you miss your school
friends when you graduate?

Nabil: Well, its good to be in the last year of high school, and yes I am facing a lot of pressure right now, cause you know, my whole future depends on this year, some of the exams are hard and some are easy, and of course I will miss my buddies.

MG: So, what would you like to do after you graduate?

Nabil: well my parents want me to go to a medical college, and I am just puzzled cause I don't know which college to pick.

MG: How much do you love soccer?

Nabil: Soccer is in my DNA.

MG: Who's the best Soccer Player in the world right now?

Nabil: Christiano Ronaldo (Man Utd)

MG: Where would you rank the Iraqi National Football Team? Are they in the Top 5? Top 10? Top 20 of world teams?

Nabil: According to Fifa rank, the Iraqi team is # 40... and I think that's a good rank for us...

MG: From reading your blog, you seem to think that Islam and Democracy have difficulty coexisting. Why is that?

Nabil: Well, of course I think like that, cause if you know the Islamic religion you would think like me, cuase Islam prevents the people from doing a lot stuff that any person would like to do, like drinking alcohols, or having a girlfreind, but freedom let the people do that..

MG: Do you have any pets?

Nabil: I used to have a dog, but he passed away... I am thinking to buy a dog after finishing this studying year....

MG: You want to visit the U.S. after you graduate from school this summer. What is it about America that intrigues you or interests you?

Nabil: Well, I wanted to do that because most of my fans are from the U.S. and because I've never been there.

MG: You recently took a little heat for the comments you made about Sistani and the the Iraqi Election. What is it about Sistani or the way people are treating him that bothers you?

Nabil: Well, Sistani doesn't deserve it, because since we knew him (after the war) he had done nothing but making stupid decisions and comments.... I don't say this because I hate Shea, I don't hate them and that has nothing to do with what I think about Sistani, but I think that he had just ruined the Iraqis lives.

MG: How long have you been interested in Pro Wrestling and are there a lot of wrestling fans in Iraq?

Nabil: About 2 years ago, my dad subscribed in ART tv channels, and so I had the chance to see it, and no Iraq doesn't have a lot of fans of wrestling.

MG: Rob Van Dam. Is RVD your favorite wrestler, and why?


MG: Any other wrestlers that you like?

Nabil: Triple H, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Yasser K, and many others..

MG: Which Pro Wrestler or WWE Personality do you hate the most? Who would you just like to body slam into the ring and then apply the figure-four suplex to them?

Nabil: KANE....

MG: Thanks very much, Nabil, and final question: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Nabil: No I never saw a ghost!!!!!, cause I don't believe that there are ghosts... thanks for asking.



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