Friday, April 29, 2005

Dr. Humanity, Bright, Humane, And Caring

Bright, Humane, and Caring, with a love for Pringles and Evanescence, Medical Student
Dr. Humanity of the Iraqi Humanity blog
surrounds us with his thoughts on Life in Iraq, Med School, Patient Care, Mom,
and more.

It's the In T View: Dr. Humanity, Bright, Humane, and Caring

MG: Dr. Humanity, how is life treating you these days?

Dr. Humanity: Financially good, I have some problems in Pharmacology in the college, socially I returned now from a funeral of my friend's 3 aunt & their 2 daughter who were shot last Thursday in there car for no reason so I shall take care & take precautions cz it's dangerous situation nowadays in Baghdad.

MG: What's the average day of a Iraqi Medical Student like?

Dr. Humanity: Waking up at 7:00 AM then some sport, breakfast, get my clothes
on & then 7:30 am my friends came to take me to the college except for the days that
would be my turn so I will ride with them, in college we start the day by some greetings,jokes except when we have an exam that day, lectures begin at 8:30 am & end usually 10:30 am then followed by labs which sometimes continues till 3:30 PM or earlier, returning home, having lunch & watch TV, sleep till 12:00
night, watching TV & sometimes studying.

Note: this is my life in this semester only cz it's the hardest one in the medical college & if I finished it, In the next semesters I will finish nearly at 12:00 noon. & this was a normal day but on weekends I study more & visit my friend who is a student in the dental college & I knew him since I was 13 years old.

MG: How difficult is it to become a doctor in Iraq?

Dr. Humanity: It's very difficult since it needs a lot of studying & need a very high average in the higher schools so not everyone will be able to enter the medical college so we r the students that got the highest average
marks in the higher schools, for me I was no. 13th in Iraq. Also medical college need 6 years to be a doctor compared with 4 years to be an engineer so unless u r financially fine u will not be able to continue but this is a very rare case here.

MG: What's the biggest problem facing Iraqi hospitals? Lack of supplies? Danger from insurgents and terrorists? Theft? Lack of security? Too many patients and not enough qualified medical personnel?

Dr. Humanity: I will list it according the importance from my view which almost right:

a- Lack of a good leaders.
b- Theft, by all the Hospital staff, from the simple worker to the substaff but not doctors.
c- Lack of supplies.
d- Too many patients and not enough equipment & if there is, it is very very
old; ex: in our hospital we have one CT scan & I hadn't see it working once!!!!

But we have a qualified doctor who most of them are in the world's hospital & as about the Iraqi doctor.

MG: How frustrating of an experience is it, when you're unable to help a patient?

Dr. Humanity: At the beginning it will depress u very much but then u will get on it & like when someone saw a glass of water half empty & the other see it half filled, to me I see it half filled, cz in this situation being able to cure a patient is like a Miracle !!

MG: You've seen death close up, does something like that change your perspective on life? Do you lose some of your humanity?

Dr. Humanity: Death well u learn u to respect life & to see how is the human
beings r weak & I now evaluate every happy moments u live it with u family or whatever but about humanity, it is difficult to say but when u see many people dying or dead u will not have time to be sad for them but u will have time to save other patients or lessen their suffering, do u get it?

(MG says: Yes, quite understandable.)

MG: On a more pleasant subject,how nice was it to finally be able
to participate in a free election?

Dr Humanity: At the beginning it was normal but when I remembered Saddam's election I feel it & I was so happy when for the same time I see The election results with no 99.999 number in it as Saddam did.

MG: How did you become interested in Blogging and how did your blog: Iraqi Humanity come about?

Dr. Humanity: My friend Ferid of Iraqi4ever (Loser's Blog) began before me & I become interested & I started
with some of his directions.

MG: When you're not doing the medical thing, what do you do to relax?

Dr. Humanity: Music, TV, sport, readings & going outside.

MG: Music: Got a favorite band or singer you like to listen to?

Dr. Humanity: Evanescence is my favorite band & sometimes I use their songs as a Title for my post, also I like Linkin Park & about singer I like Madonna & MJ but not as Evanescence. & I hear some Arabic songs too.

MG: How's the fishing in the Tigris River and what type of fish do you catch?

Dr. Humanity: I don't know how to fish but I want do it sometimes but after all & don't like fish too much!

MG: Iraqis boys love their Mothers. So what is it about your mother that is special?

Dr. Humanity: Sure My mother is the one responsible for us ( me & my brothers) she is a great woman she raised us alone during my father being abroad & when he died in 2000 she become my father, mother & friend & I wish I make here happy & proud of me like my bro.

MG: Favorite Iraqi food?

Dr. Humanity: (Gozzi) which is meat & rice, chicken also I like European food Pizza & spaghetti & American Hamburger.

MG: I've always wondered about this, why do Iraqis love Pringles Potato Chips so

Dr. Humanity: This is due to the embargo bcz before the last war & since we havn't here in Iraq Pringles, chocolate like (Mars, Today, Toploron), even sometimes we hadn't Pepsi & 7up also I remember when I was 7 years old there was no desert or Ice Cream sold in shops cz Saddam said that there was Embargo & we shall keep our sugar for our important needs & this last till I reached 13 years old, so u can say that Iraqis didn't see Pringles before war & this is our first experience, ymym I need Pringles by now.

MG: What was the most interesting birthday present that you ever received?

Dr. Humanity: This computer & a small ironing machine.

MG: If people want to donate to your blog: Iraqi Humanity or to the Medical College you attend, can you provide some information on how they can do so?

Dr. Humanity: Yes donation through my blog: http//
in the donation link & to my college u can send it to this address: Iraq, Al-kadimia, Baghdad P.O. Box 14222.

MG: Thanks Very Much, Dr. Humanity, and final question: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Dr. Humanity: I saw many pictures of Ghost & if u r interested, I can send it.
Thanks & goodbye


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